Mareco in the graphic industry

If you produce printheads and you work in the graphic industry, we invite you to attend an appointment to see what we can do for eachother. Years of experience and accumulated a lot of specialist knowledge in the graphic industry make Mareco a solid partner in the chain of graphical end-manufacturer. We want to share our knowledge and experience with you.

IXEF precision part

Mareco produces quality

... within the smallest details

From moldflow analysis to assembly work

For Agfa Grahics Mareco produces several high-end technical injection moulded parts, like parts fot inkjet printheads and complete assembled "Head Positioning Devices" (see pictures).

Head Positioning Device (HPD)

finished assemblies

robotical control on functionalities

We 'd like to meet ...

If you want to start a new project, a personal interview and a tour of our factory can offer you a complete picture of the possibilities that we can offer.

Make an appointment with Marc Janssen, commercial director of Mareco Kunststoffen BV.

I'm working in the graphic industry and I would like to make an appointment ...