Mareco's History

Mareco was established as a tool manufacturing company by Sjraar Janssen and Iet Janssen (née Schmetz) in 1939. Since then, the company has developed into a producer of high-quality plastic parts and assemblies that serves customers all over the world. The prototyping division, now called Mareco Prototyping B.V., was set up in 1993. It specialises in producing plastic prototypes for functional and creative applications.

Sjraar Janssen (†1982)

"Mareco was established by Sjraar and Iet Janssen in 1939"

The early years were difficult as war broke out very soon after the company was started and due to this very few activities could be carried out. Sjraar and Iet were evacuated and did not return until the end of the war when they found that most of the town of Venlo had been turned into rubble. But despite this they went back into business, building ingot moulds for the moulding industry while Sjraar also overhauled ships' engines and travelled all over the Netherlands by train and on his bike to look for new customers. From 1950 to 1965 the company mainly produced stamps and rubber moulds, which were quickly followed by injection moulding moulds for the plastics, bakelite and ceramics industries. Wim Janssen took over in 1965 and he gradually focussed more on the plastics industry. The first injection moulding machine was bought in or about 1975.