Insert, outsert and overmoulding

  • Insert moulding: plastic is injected around an insert (usually metal).
  • Outsert Moulding: similar to insert moulding, but here a metal sheet surrounds some plastic elements.
  • Overmoulding: another plastic is injected around a plastic product or around a part of the plastic product.

Stainless steel screen (mesh), 100µm thick

Cross-section after injection moulding

End product in assembly

Insert Moulding

The above example shows how 50% glass filled IXEF has been injected around an 0.10 [mm] sieve. The sieve is dropped into a tray after which a robot picks up the part and places it in the mould. The cross-section shows three cross-sections of products, embedded in non-shrink resin to enable microscopic quality measurement.

Overmoulding, IXEF base part


Overmoulding, with TPE


In bovenstaande voorbeeld ziet u hoe een IXEF product is omspoten met een soft-touch TPE. Het IXEF deel is geconstrueerd als een stijf basisproduct, hier zijn tevens 2 draadinserts mee omspoten.