Mareco: the knowledge organisation

Sharing knowledge and advice quality technical plastic parts and assemblies

Specialist knowledge and advice

Dear project leaders, developers and business consultants,

If you work for a design agency, an engineering agency or a business consultancy, Mareco Kunststoffen BV can offer you several useful opportunities which we would like to describe via this website.

Mareco is an organisation with many years of experience in producing high-quality engineered plastic parts and assemblies.

During this time, our company has gathered considerable specialist knowledge, enabling us to advise you and/or your customers.

We have learnt that if you can advise your customers at an early stage, this will result in better products.

Our specialist knowledge and experience will also lead to cost savings on product development and to a lower integral product cost price. Engaging Mareco's services at an early stage may therefore result in a valuable win-win situation for your organisation and for your customers.

Of course, you may also opt to use our total package.

I would like to discuss what we have to offer each other with you through a personal meeting.
If you are interested in this, then please use the following link to make an appointment.

Department of Knowledge and Innovation